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Infinity Produces Blu-ray/DVD Hybrid Discs

Posted in Players, Replication, Technology on December 19th, 2008 by Dave

infinityhybrid.jpgJapanese disc maker Infinity has produced the world’s first production video title to feature both Blu-ray and DVD on a single sided disc.

A box set of the Japanese TV series Code Blue will include both formats by storing the data at different levels.

A DVD player’s red laser will see only see the DVD layer while a Blu-ray player will see the Blu-ray layer.

Discs for this title are DVD9 + BD25, though DVD5 + BD50 is also possible.

HD DVD touted its combo discs as an advantage over Blu-ray, though personally I saw limited value in them and see limited value in this technology also – especially with Blu-ray players in the $150 dollar range!

Sony to Invest Over $100M into Blu-ray Plant

Posted in Replication on March 17th, 2008 by Dave

discrep.jpgSony Corporation is planning to invest nearly $110 million in new equipment and property improvements to upgrade its Terre Haute plant.

Shelley Klingerman, spokeswoman for Sony, said the company is still evaluating its employment needs but said it has determined a minimum of 65 new workers will be needed for its Blu-ray operations. Of the estimated 65 new employees, 50 will be hourly permanent positions and 15 salaried permanent positions, according to Sony’s filings with the City Council.

Sony wants to invest more than $101 million in new equipment and more than $7.4 million in property improvements, for a total of $108.5 million in new investments.