Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray October 4th, 2016

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Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray

October is a great month for Prince fans with the Blu-ray release of the Prince Movie Collection from Warner Home Video on October 4th, 2016.

The collection brings together the iconic movie Purple Rain, along with the followups Under the Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge.

Purple Rain was somewhat of a biographical film about Prince and was quite a collaborative process, while the latter feel more like vanity projects for the famed musician.

Prince Movie Collection the Movies

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In Purple Rain, The Kid is the talented but troubled frontman of his Minneapolis-based band The Revolution.

With his abusive father making his home life difficult, The Kid spends his days rehearsing and his nights performing at the First Avenue nightclub.

When competition for the performance spots at the night club heats up, The Kid faces the challenge to deliver in his performances, or face replacement by a new up and coming band.

In Under the Cherry Moon, gigolo brothers Christopher and Tricky Tracy make their money from wealthy French women.

When Christopher falls for heiress Mary Sharon, his plans to swindle her out of her trust fund go awry.

But will Mary’s disapproving father Isaac come between the two star struck lovers?

The Purple Rain story continues in Graffiti Bridge, with The Kid co-owning and performing in a club called Glam Slam.

The other co-owner of the club is Morris, his ever present rival who also owns the Pandemonium club.

But Morris has even bigger plans, challenging The Kid to up his game or give up the club.

With the ownership of the club at stake, can The Kid get it together in time to win the ‘battle of the bands’?

Prince Movie Collection – My Thoughts

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The Prince Movie Collection pulls together the three features with Prince playing the central characters.

Purple Rain was a bit of a risky venture at the time, coming before Prince’s rise to super-stardom and helmed by a first time feature director.

The movie resonated with audiences on many levels, with a movie that was part concert performance, part romance, and part drama.

Below the music there were dark themes, with many events from Prince’s personal history dramatized for the film.

Naturally there was also much artistic license used throughout as well.

For some the domestic violence and misogynistic themes will create discomfort, especially with rape and mistreatment of women being highlighted topics currently.

What stands out regardless is Prince’s musical talent, with songs and performances that have become legendary over time.

Unfortunately, the subsequent films are not so iconic.

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Under the Cherry Moon again features a strong soundtrack, though lacks the performance aspects of Purple Rain.

The film is presented in black and white, and feels like a homage to the romantic comedies from forty years prior.

While it is certainly not a great film, one’s appreciation will somewhat depend on how one perceives the movie.

It is either a light and frivolous piece that just has a lot of fun with the genre, or it is just silly.

Either way it feels to me like a Prince vanity project.

Graffiti Bridge takes us back to the performances, but the story in between is somewhat incoherent.

For me it feels like a feature length concept album where everything has ambiguous meaning and is open to interpretation.

Perhaps it was an artistic experiment that didn’t quite resonate as intended with the audience.

Regardless, this collection of films is no doubt a must own for the serious Prince fans.

Prince Movie Collection Cast, Crew and Performance

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The cast of the movies include Prince of course, along with Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day, Olga Karlatos, Clarence Williams III, Jerome Benton, Steven Berkoff and Emmanuelle Sallet.

Purple Rain was directed by Albert Magnoli, who went on to direct Tango & Cash.

Under the Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge were directed by Prince himself.

Each successive movie was less impressive to the critics – Purple Rain earned a Rotten Tomatoes score of 66%, Under the Cherry Moon score of 32%, and Grafitti Bridge a score of just 13%.

Similarly at the cinema, Purple Rain earned $68.4M, Under the Cherry Moon took in $10.1M and Graffiti Bridge just $4.6M at the US box office.

Prince Movie Collection on Blu-ray Disc

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Each disc features an AVC 1080p encode at around 35 Mbps, presented at 1.78:1 aspect ratio, filling the HDTV screen.

Each film has a different look to it, and the image quality varies from disc to disc.

Purple Rain perhaps looks most like a regular eighties movie, though the performance scenes take on the concert movie look.

Under the Cherry Moon is presented in black and white, and perhaps as an homage to the forties and fifties, there is also a lot of film grain on this one.

Graffiti Bridge may well be the strangest of the three, with everything shot on a sound stage.

Many scenes have neon lights in camera, and while it may be stylish, it has a negative impact on the image quality.

All things considered though, these Blu-ray editions are going to be the most true to the original films that you are likely to see.

You will find full resolution PNG screen captures taken directly from the disc at the details page for Prince Movie Collection.

The main audio is lossless 5.1 or stereo DTS-HD Master Audio with 24-bits resolution at 48 kHz.

The discs are dual layer BD50, with around 44 GB used and are coded for All Regions.

Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray – The Bonus Features

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Aside from the movie trailers, the supplemental features are largely exclusive to the Purple Rain disc in the collection.

Many of these supplements were produced in 2004 for the 20th anniversary DVD release, though the MTV broadcast was from 1984.

Commentary by Director Albert Magnoli, Producer Robert Cavallo and Cinematographer Donald E. Thorin

After introductions the three men get into discussing the scenes of the movie as they play out.

The discussion is not overly lively, but they do offer revelations about the production.

Shooting in Minnesota had challenges with the weather, especially the temperatures during the early winter.

Pick ups were shot in Los Angeles in order to avoid the miserable winter.

Fans of the movie will definitely want to check out the commentary.

First Avenue: The Road to Pop Royalty – 12:24

This segment covers the evolution of the First Avenue club, where The Revolution and The Time played.

It was the main club for live music in the city of Minneapolis.

What started as a disco eventually became a live music club with a diverse range of musical styles.

The impact of the film on the club is also discussed.

Purple Rain Backstage Pass – 29:45

This behind the scenes featurette delves into the creation and production of the film.

Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray Screen Shot 8

Members of The Revolution and other folks close to Prince talk about how the concept came about and the story was written.

Many of the band members from The Revolution and The Time effectively played themselves in the movie.

A number of elements and themes in the movie were based on real life interpersonal conflicts.

There are plenty of interviews with cast and crew alike in this behind the scenes featurette.

Fans of the movie should definitely check this one out.

Riffs, Ruffles and a Revolution: The Impact and Influence of Purple Rain – 10:02

A number of commentators discuss the influence of the movie and soundtrack release back in 1984.

Naturally the popularity of the film was greatly beneficial to Prince and the Revolution, and the subsequent tour for the soundtrack album.

Band members and the tour manager talk about their experiences from the tour.

This segment also features footage from the tour performances.

The wardrobe’s impact on fashion is also covered.

MTV Premiere Party Original Broadcast – 27:52

Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray Screen Shot 13

This is a half hour of typical red carpet interviews and such for the premiere of the movie.

Celebrities like Eddie Murphy, Sheile E, Weird Al, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Lionel Ritchue weigh in on the movie.

There are also interviews with band members Wendy and Lisa, talking about the autobiographical nature of the movie.

Clips, music videos, and trailers for the movie are also featured in this originally live broadcast.

8 Music Videos

There are eight ‘MTV’ music videos – Let’s Go Crazy, Take Me With U, When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U/Baby I’m a Star, Purple Rain, Jungle Love, The Bird and Sex Shooter.


The trailer for each movie is included along with the film.

Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray – Final Thoughts

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Prince Movie Collection is an interesting collection of movies that will appeal to fans of the Purple one.

Warner Home Video has done their best with new high bitrate transfers of the movies, though only Purple Rain has any real supplements.

The retail price is $24.98, though you can get it at Amazon for $19.99, saving 20%!

Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray Extras:

  • Commentary by Director Albert Magnoli, Producer Robert Cavallo and Cinematographer Donald E. Thorin
  • First Avenue: The Road to Pop Royalty: Visit the Nightclub Where Prince Started
  • Purple Rain Backstage Pass: Behind the Scenes
  • Riffs, Ruffles and a Revolution: The Impact and Influence of Purple Rain
  • MTV Premiere Party Original Broadcast
  • 8 Music Videos: Let’s Go Crazy, Take Me With U, When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U/Baby I’m a Star, Purple Rain, Jungle Love, The Bird and Sex Shooter
  • Trailer

Prince Movie Collection Blu-ray Synopsis:

Purple Rain marks the electrifying movie debut of Prince as The Kid, a Minneapolis club musician as alienated as he is talented. The Kid struggles with a tumultuous home life and his own smoldering anger while taking refuge in his music and his steamy love for sexy Apollonia Kotero. In Under the Cherry Moon, Prince plays an American musician living with his pal (Jerome Benton) on the French Riviera and on the bank accounts of bored divorcees. The next object of his affection is a lovely and spirited young heiress (Kristin Scott Thomas in her movie debut). He doesn’t count on confronting the girl’s enraged father (Steven Berkoff). And he certainly doesn’t count on falling in love. Under the Graffiti Bridge has got that Purple Rain feeling through and through. And it’s got The Kid, too! For the first time since Purple Rain, Prince is back as The Kid.

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