Avatar Dominates Record Market Share Week for Blu-ray Disc

Posted in News on May 3rd, 2010 by Dave

hmm22.jpgThe Blu-ray market share was a record 22% on a $66.57M revenue for the week ending April 25th, according to Home Media Magazine.

Obviously a lot of that revenue is due to the sales of Avatar from Fox Home Entertainment, but the impressive thing is just how much.

Second placed Crazy Heart, also from Fox, sold only one copy for every 50 copies of Avatar that sold.

avatar.jpgThe 4th placed new release The Lovely Bones from Paramount/DreamWorks sold only one copy for every 100 Avatar copies sold.

It is clear that Avatar easily sold more copies than the rest of the top 20 combined by quite a margin.

Sherlock Holmes from Warner took third place while Toy Story from Disney continues to sell well, taking 5th position.

New catalog release Minority Report from Paramount/DreamWorks was tied for 7th place with Toy Story 2, while The Young Victoria from Sony Pictures came in 11th.

As previously noted the top selling Avatar also had an amazing 49% market share on Blu-ray Disc, while other new releases Crazy Heart and The Lovely Bones had more typical 16-17% market share.

Sherlock Holmes continues to do well with 31% Blu-ray Disc market share, though the big winner for the week is the catalog release for Minority Report with 72% of its sales on Blu-ray Disc.

minorityreport.jpgPromotional considerations like pushed another pair of titles to sell more Blu-ray than DVDs – X-Men Origins: Wolverine from Fox and Dark Knight from Warner both edged DVD with 51% Blu-ray market share.

Period piece The Young Victoria sold 15% of its copies on Blu-ray Disc, which is actually a pretty good performance considering the genre.

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