First Week of 2009 Sets Record Blu-ray Market Share

Posted in News on January 12th, 2009 by Dave

hmm16.jpgThe first numbers for 2009 are out and the Blu-ray versus DVD top 20 market share set a new record 16 percent in the week ending Jan 4th 2009, according to Home Media Magazine.

Perhaps there were a lot of players given and holiday season gifts and people have been out to get content for them…?!

Overall revenues were down for the week to a still respectable $24.3M.

Once again The Dark Knight was at the top of the sales chart, narrowly beating out the new Eagle Eye release.

Recent releases Wanted, WALL-E and Death Race rounded out the top 5.

Other recent releases in the chart include The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Resident Evil: Degeneration in 6th and 7th respectively, Mamma Mia! in 9th and Burn After Reading in 13th place.

Yet again there are many catalog titles in the per title market share chart, all 20 titles selling more than 70% on Blu-ray Disc.

It is interesting to see The Ultimate Matrix Collection box set sell better than 10:1 in favour of Blu-ray over DVD.

Criterion titles Chungking Express and The Third Man sold with 4:1 ratios compared to DVD, as well as new Paramount catalog releases Event Horizon and Days of Thunder outselling DVD by 3:1.

It is clear to see that having a Blu-ray release of a catalog title can revive interest in it.

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  1. Brenda says:

    “Perhaps there were a lot of players given and holiday season gifts and people have been out to get content for them…”

    I think you are absolutely right. Blu-ray players were much talked about going into Christmas and I believe many families are moving that way. I am no expert but I spent a lot of time over the last few months educating myself about blu-ray so that I would know what it is my husband is after. For Christmas, we were given as a ‘surprise’ gift a PS3 meant to be a blu-ray player. However, my husband had beforehand ordered a new television that comes with a ‘free’ blu-ray player…so now we actually have two players.

    We’ll be picking movies soon, I suppose although I do not feel that we need to own a catalogue of movies. I created a couple of pages about blu-ray movies including which is about Sound & Vision Magazine’s top ten pick from this past summer and a list of the top ten bestselling Imax movies. I’ll be putting the lists to good use as we become one of those families who is out their buying blu-ray movies!


  2. Robert Markham says:

    I think this bump will be relatively short-lived. There *are* a lot of people who either received or bought a Blu-ray player over the holidays, but as the previous poster mentions, few will feel the need to pull in a huge catalog right away. The numbers for the format are still disappointing.

    “It is interesting to see The Ultimate Matrix Collection box set sell better than 10:1 in favour of Blu-ray over DVD.”

    No, it really isn’t. The Matrix movies have been released in *multiple* iterations on DVD and there are few who would need to buy them again at full price. After all, there is a flood of used copies on the market. It’s not like they are hard to come by. “The Ultimate Matrix Collection”, released in 2004 on DVD goes for as little as $25 new and $15 used from Amazon marketplace sellers. Individual titles go for less than $1.00 each. And you won’t see those sales in your figures.

    Blu-ray is the only place studios could *possibly* see decent sales of most of these catalog titles, so it would only be worth mentioning if they *didn’t* sell better on Blu-ray.

  3. Dave says:

    It is interesting to me that this domination of the per title market share with catalog titles is a fairly recent things.

    Previously the top 20 would show a range of market shares all the way down to 3-4%.

    It will be interesting to see if this changes once the holidays are over or not.

    I agree that Blu-ray is the only place the studios will see growth for catalog titles.

    That said considering that the DVD install base is so much bigger than the Blu-ray install base and the price of the discs so much more, that these market share numbers are above what I expected.

    It implies people are replacing catalog titles – something we have not seen so much of until now.

  4. David says:

    Yes, Dave – you’re right. I’m currently replacing my entire DVD collection with Blu-ray transfers. Some transfers are only $2 or $3 more. This’ll be done slowly, though. I hear that some movie makers are making movies to specifically take advantage of Blu-ray technology – though, these works will still look superb on DVD.

    Here’s the grit: If a film transfer to Blu-ray format is done poorly – the movie will look almost the same as the DVD version. A team of A/V professionals have to go in to make a proper and vivid transfer to fully utilize an HDTV and HD surround system – if they do a half-ass job – it’s not worth having the Blu-ray disc – just stay with the DVD.

    Though, this is mostly the case for pre-today movies, only. For movies that come out today: the filmmakers actually think of making a movie to take advantage of a HD system, and look sooo incredibly stunning and you realize how powerful Blu is and you immediately call all your friends to ask them to get Blu-ray players, lol.

    Ex: ‘District 9’ is considered to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 for Blu-ray. In fact, as of December of ’09, 41% of its sales accounts for Blu-ray discs – which is an incredible number. The highest for any Blu-ray transfer is ‘Terminator: Salvation’ at 42%. I bet stats such as these will get over 60% through 2010.

    These #’s are evident as to how hard Blu-ray is about to take off – it already is, actually. A few more strong, high-quality, new titles will grab Blu by the arm and wisp it up into the atmosphere, where we can all feel it’s glory and power.

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