CES Tips and How to Attend for Yourself

Posted in Commentary on January 9th, 2009 by Dave

ces3.jpgI know that some people imagine that it would be excellent to attend CES in Las Vegas.

Coming to CES is a lot like drinking to excess for 5 days straight (and sometimes literally drinking to excess 5 days straight!), knowing the consequences and doing it anyway.

The 8am press conferences combined with the late running parties with free alcohol and snack food make for a fairly lethal combination.

That said, if you think you want to come, follow these easy steps to be at CES 2010.

Firstly, start a blog. Report on what you know in the Consumer Electronics world. If you start now you will have quite a history of blogging by the time you need to register for CES 2010.

Starting a blog is not difficult. You can get hosting at any number of companies that automatically install WordPress for you or even use the WordPress hosting service.

Get some business cards printed. You will need them – possibly a lot of them!

Start saving for the flights and hotel rooms – they will become increasingly expensive as we get closer to January 2010.

Now for some tips for those attending CES…

Sign up for CntrStg, a nice service that gives you a nice place to rest and relax as well as providing computers and internet for bloggers and shuttles to the Convention Center.

Alternatively, make good use of the Blogger Lounge and Press Room that are provided. The Convention Center rooms are generally bigger and better than the Sands rooms.

You will get free lunch coupons for the duration of the show – get there on time for lunch on the days it is provided. It is first come first served and once it is done there is no more.

Take advantage of all the free stuff, but remember that not everything that is free is worth having.

Take a look at the press conference schedule and contact those holding the press conferences to get your best chance at getting an invitation to attend. You will eventually get seriously spammed by PR emails, so choose carefully and have a system to keep track of important emails.

Try to get invited to Showstoppers – it is a great event with good food.

Use the Wynn shuttle that runs from the Wynn Encore to the Convention Center. While there is a free bus from Sands to the Convention Center, you will find that the line is long with all the CES traffic it takes as long as 20 minutes to make the relatively short journey. I find it is faster to walk over to the Wynn Encore and take their shuttle that runs on their golf course and takes less than 2 minutes to make the journey – no lines no waiting.

Actually, if you can get a good deal, the Wynn is a great place to stay for CES. It is right in the middle of everything and has extremely nice rooms.

All in all CES is a great experience – attending the show with press credentials makes it all the more fun.

3 Responses to “CES Tips and How to Attend for Yourself”

  1. Mehar Gill says:

    Great tips Dave, if I recall, registering for CES at certain times of the year impacts how much you would have to pay for admission if any?

    Just thought I’d add a few things if that was alright with you?

    I personally wouldn’t recommend wordpress.com, you’re going to find yourself greatly limited in what you’re able to do. If you’re in a position where you have a limited budget I would recommend 000 Web Host (link below), their a free web host that allow you to install WordPress, Joomla, etc (I would always recommend you install manually, at times hosting companies tend to put a few ads in your installation). They’re not the best webhost but their free and if you have no other alternative use them for the time being.

    Again going back to budgets, ads always help make the cost of any trip to any event more sizable, whether it’s CES or the Leipzig book fair, I would recommend Google Adsense. The number 1 misconception people have about ads is it will make them rich overnight which unfortunately is not the case especially if you’re an upstart site. It probably won’t be able to pay for your trip entirely but it will definitely help out.

    Almost forgot, the number 1 rule in blogging that you must follow if you want people to take you seriously is: DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! People will come to your site for your opinion, over that of some guy at Gizmodo or Engadget. If you want people to take you seriously then rewrite a press release or a news story from another site in your own words, if you do so source to the site that gave you your info (assuming it’s not a press site). If you love technology but aren’t a very good writer then get yourself a context sensitive spell checker (Office 2007 has one), it will help you pick up a majority of errors in your writing (such as the use of their, there, weather, whether etc) after a few uses it might become second nature! Some companies are known to look at the quality of your work when you ask for things such as admission, interviews, etc (at least in the gaming industry, I assume the same applies here).


  2. Yosef Solomon says:

    Hey thanks a lot! I’ll be a first time attender and all this information is highly valuable to me!

  3. Dave says:

    Glad it helped. Apparently the Sands is not being used for CES this year, but most of what is said here stands! 🙂

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