Amazon After Christmas Blu-ray Disc Deals

Posted in Amazon Bargains on December 26th, 2008 by Dave

third-man.jpgHardly surprising I guess, but here we are the day after Christmas Day (hope eveyone had a great break) and Amazon is loading up the sales.

There are two new sales of interest. The one with fewer titles but deeper savings applies to Warner titles including a lot of box sets – see the Post Christmas Blu-ray Sale for details.

Titles include Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles – First Season, Pushing Daisies – First Season, Nip/Tuck – Fourth Season and Austin Powers Collection: Shagadelic Edition, all at half off or better.

The other sale offers Up to 50% Savings on Blu-ray Discs and has 200 titles covering a wide range of pricing.

It is interesting to see the Criterion collection titles including Bottle RocketThe Third Man , Chungking Express and The Man Who Fell to Earth discounted to $23.99.

In any case be sure and check it out – there are a lot of titles there to choose from.

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