New Record Blu-ray Market Share and Huge Revenue Increases for the Week Ending October 5th

Posted in News on October 10th, 2008 by Dave

hmm13.jpgThe Blu-ray market share versus DVD and the Blu-ray weekly revenue both hit a new high for the week ending October 5th, according to Home Media Magazine.

No doubt fueled by the record sales of Iron Man, revenues were up 145% to $26.8M, while the market share set a new high at 13% for the top 20 Blu-ray versus the top 20 DVD.

Iron Man certainly stole the show for the week, selling almost 15 times as many units as the second placed Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Sex and the City took third place, followed by Transformers and The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration.

Other notables in the top 10 included Speed Racer in 6th place, and When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions in 8th. It will be interesting to see if this title ends up as popular as Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series, which is almost always in the top 20 – this week at number 16.

Perhaps bouyed by the live action movie, the animated Invincible Iron Man release placed 11th on the chart.

The per title market share chart revealed that Iron Man sold over 17% of its units on Blu-ray – quite an achievement for a title that would sell to even casual DVD buyers.

Also interesting, the Ultimate Unrated Comedy Collection sold over 96% on Blu-ray – of course, for Blu-ray all three titles were new where for DVD, only one was a new release.

Other recent releases to sell over half their units on Blu-ray included Daredevil, The Sixth Sense, Predator, The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration and L.A. Confidential.

The Discovery channel titles continue to do well for Blu-ray, with both When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions and Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series selling roughly a third of their units on Blu-ray Disc.

Recent comedy releases Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Leatherheads both did well for the genre with 7.76% and 6.86% Blu-ray market share respectively.

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