Region Code Status Update for Blu-ray Statistics

Posted in Site News, Studios on February 23rd, 2008 by Dave

bluraystats.jpgToday we made a large Region Code update to the main database. Now we have Region code information for almost 90% of the US domestic releases. With any luck we will manage to keep it somewhat maintained at this level.

Interestingly enough we get a better indication of the percentages for Region Coding. We see that roughly 2/3 of the titles are coded for all regions, though the different studios have different approaches to Region Codes.

Warner as well as Paramount / Dreamworks are all region free. Sony has 2/3 of their titles coded for all regions, Lionsgate is closer to 60% unrestricted releases. Disney only has 1/3 of titles region free and Fox is the Region Coding king with no discs coded for all regions in the USA. It should be noted however that some Fox titles in other regions are not restricted. The general policy for Sony, Disney and Lionsgate appears to be that day and date releases are region coded where catalog releases are not.

While New Line falls under the Warner umbrella, only one of their titles is coded all regions, which coincidentally is the one title that was released on HD DVD before New Line ceased HD DVD support. With their DTS Master Audio usage, you have to wonder if New Line is in fact Fox in disguise!

It will be interesting to see what Universal does when they release Blu-ray titles. We will be sure to report any apparent change in Region Code policy we see it moving forward.

Please feel free to provide region code information for titles in this thread on the forum.

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